What to Consider When Creating a Brand That Represents You

You're making sales, paying the bills each month, but for some reason can't seem to generate the same traffic as your competitors.

Wondering why you're at a disadvantage?

Your branding could have something to do with it. The truth is, without a strong brand in place, you are missing out on tons of potential leads. If you are a business owner who is thinking about investing in a branding revamp, or if this is your first time creating a brand, there are a few ideas that you need to keep in mind.

What qualities of your business do you want to bring to life?

Whether it be a certain color scheme that is important to you, imagery pertaining to your business which you feel is relevant, or simply a fun aspect of your company which you want others to know, all of these things should be considered when creating your logo and branding for your company.

Create something you want others to see and talk about

It may seem obvious, but one of the main factors to keep in mind when deciding a name for your business is “Am I truly excited to tell others about this company?”. Brainstorm ideas for what you're thinking about and ask those close to you what they think. It is never a bad idea to gauge the room ahead of launch in order to get the reception that you were hoping for. Keep in mind, however, that not everyone has the same vision you do, and if you feel confident in the idea that you've created, then no one should be able to change your mind and pick flaws in your concept. After all, it's your decision making that has brought your business to this point in the first place!

Shoot to stand out, but don't overcomplicate things.

It can be easy once you start visualizing your logo to get too intricate with the design, but you don't want to overwhelm a potential client with too much going on. Sometimes simple is better, and your brand is more than just your logo. Make sure that you have a consistent and digestible color palette as well as complimentary fonts. Whatever it is that you want potential clients to know, don't put all of the pressure on your logo to convey that message. All of the features listed above, as well as your tagline, are all factors which work together in order to show others what your brand is about.

Look across your industry, as well as with your competitors, to ensure that your idea is unique and will stand out when others see it. Remember, your branding is like a first impression, it is the first thing a customer will see, and it is what will stick with them after the fact.

Here at Genesis Marketing, we pride ourselves in assisting small to midsize businesses revamp their branding, with the goal of generating traffic and sales for your company. We've assisted several clients all across the country in realizing the potential of their brand. If you have any questions about how to start your brand creation process, please reach out and our team will be happy to talk you through any concerns you may have.

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